Hermitage TN Restaurants That Vacationers Would Enjoy In Between Attractions

What brings you to Hermitage, Tennessee? Maybe you’re relocating, visiting family, or perhaps you are simply exploring on vacation. Downtown Nashville is right there, so if you ever miss the hustle and bustle, order up. Speaking of order up, you have plenty of great restaurants in Hermitage while you’re exploring without you thinking you have to make your way to Nashville for a bite to eat. Let’s get to naming some of those top apartments for rent Hermitage TN so that you can keep an eye out.

The Gondola House is on Lebanon Pike, and it is a place that serves up delicious pizza. Pizza isn’t the only thing they know how to make well, however, as people rave about their spaghetti, too. Evidently the restaurant has a great salad bar as well. The picture shown on a top travel site for the pizza served up at the Gondola House looks delicious.

Then there is Papa Turney’s BBQ Nashville Shores Marina on Bell Road. Reviewers aren’t shy at all about talking up the barbecue at this establishment. One claims it has the best ribs, and the ribs, brisket, pies and more are all talked highly of in the reviews left by vacationers and locals.

Famous Dave’s on Old Hickory Boulevard also serves up delicious barbecue. Have you ever heard of someone selling what are called rib tips? That’s new to me, and it looks like that is one thing you can enjoy there as well as regular ribs, corn muffins, chopped pork and more. You know you get the burnt ends when you visit an authentic barbecue restaurant so enjoy.

Hermitage Steakhouse is next up on the list of top restaurants in Hermitage, Tennessee. It is located on Lebanon Pike and now you’ve got that steak and baked potato dinner you will be craving on vacation. Highlights from reviews also mention bubble bread, smoked oysters and more. You just can’t beat a steakhouse, can you?

Cafe Bosna on Old Hickory Boulevard is known for its spinach pie, baklava, pita bread, goulash and more. This is something a little different for your next stop, and there are many more unique menu items. Cafe Bosna is known as a hole in the wall type restaurant according to the reviews, so you can tell your family and friends back home that you found one. I’ll leave you with two more top restaurant choices in Hermitage TN, and they are First Watch and Hadley’s Southern Kitchen.